ReflectionsReflections Winners

Reflections Winners

Reflections Winners

Reflections Winners



Well done Celina Bastedo, Hannah Mammen and Morgaen Stewart! Their 2016-2017 Reflections entries inspired by the “What Is Your Story?” theme are advancing! They will now be moving up to the next round. Pasco winners will be announced in January so let’s wish our students the best of luck!


ReflectionsTheme Search Contest

The search is on for the 2018-2019 theme for National PTA Reflections!

One exceptional theme will be chosen to inspire thousands of students across the nation to create original works of art in dance, film, literature, music, photography and visual arts. Will it be YOURS?!

The student that submits the winning entry will receive $100 and his or her theme will be announced at the National PTA Convention and Exhibition in June 2017.

Past Program Themes:

2000-2001       It Would be Really Strange If …
2001-2002       I Hold in My Hand …
2002-2003       Signs of Courage
2003-2004       I Am Really Happy When …
2004-2005       A Different Kind of Hero
2005-2006       I Wonder Why …
2006-2007       My Favorite Place
2007-2008       I Can Make a Difference By …
2008-2009       Wow!
2009-2010       Beauty Is …
2010-2011       Together We Can …
2011-2012       Diversity Means …
2012-2013       The Magic of a Moment …
2013-2014       Believe, Dream, Inspire
2014-2015       The World Would Be a Better Place If …
2015-2016       Let Your Imagination Fly
2016-2017       What Is Your Story?
2017-2018       Within Reach

* Will a Longhorn’s theme be listed here next year???

To enter, simply mail your completed and signed Theme Search Entry Form no later than November 16, 2016 to:

1747 Orlando Central Parkway
Orlando, FL 32809


Cheers to all the students who participated and entered! If you submitted an entry, an email confirmation ackowledging the receipt of your work will be sent shortly.

Reflections Reflections Program

2016-2017 Theme

This year’s Reflection program theme is, What Is Your Story? 
Tell your story through dance, a short film, a poem or story, an original song, a photo or visual work of art.

Submit your Artist Statement with the Student Entry Form and Consent Form (if applicable) along with your work to the JLMS Back Office by October 3rd

Please read the specific rules for each category:

Dance ChoreographyDance Choreography Rules

Film ProductionFilm Production Rules

LiteratureLiterature Rules

Music CompositionMusic Composition Rules

Photography Photography Rules

Visual Arts Visual Arts Rules


Submissions are judged locally and the top three in each category from JLMS are announced and advanced in November. County Winners are announced in January and can move on as follows:

State Level Recognition - Announced March 2017

National Level Recognition - Announced May 2017

See a List of Last Year’s Winners

For more information:
Visit:       National PTA Reflections
Video:    What Is Your Story? Video
Review:  Official Rules
See:       Summary of Rules for Participation
Email:     JLMS PTSA Reflections Chair