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Deck Slab and Simple Slab Difference

What is difference between deck and slab in construction ...

Deck is basically an open outdoor platform without a roof which extends from the house. A deck could be composed of materials such as metal or plywood. While slab on the other hand is an outer extent of the diaphragm within a building, a slab sect...

What is the difference between a deck slab and a solid slab ...

Santosh Kulkarni sir has already mentioned it , the term Deck slab is related to Bridge Engineering.. Basically the Deck slab is the part of structures which is constructed over the girders and being used by the vehicles to cross over the bridge.

What is the difference between slab and flag? | WikiDiff

As verbs the difference between slab and flag is that slab is to make something into a slab while flag is to furnish or deck out with flags or flag can be to weaken, become feeble or flag can be to lay down flagstones.

deck and slab - Computers and Structures: ETABS - Eng-Tips

Hi Densal 55 Deck is specifically for one way spanning pre cast slabs and the rest will be slab category. In slab category, oneway distribution can be enforced.

What are the differences between a deck, a plank and a slab ...

1. Deck option can be used to model composite slab section i.e., Slab + structural steel. 2. Plank option can be used to model a SHEAR WALL as shear wall is a membrane. 3. Slab section can be used to model simple floor slab or roof slab. So, Plank, slab and deck are pre-defined slab sections defined by ETABS to save your time. You can make them yourself.

Difference Between Structural Concrete Slab and Plain ...

In a structural concrete slab, the thickness of the slab is not a factor in determining the load carrying capacity of that slab. The cross-sectional area of the steel, the spacing of the steel and tensile properties of the steel are the parameters of the steel used in the calculations.


The exposed area for wind load calculations, and the weights used for seismic calculations are based on the extents of the “slab edge”. Furthermore, any decks drawn outside of the slab edge are ignored for gravity load attributions. The image below shows four decks defined within one slab.

different between solid slab and hollow slab

Hollow-core slab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This makes the slab much lighter than a massive solid concrete floor slab of equal , The slabs are typically 120 cm wide with standard thicknesses between 15 cm , of precast hollow-core slabs and walls can be made by different extruders.